When Will I Get My Refund?

Author: David F. Bott, CPA/ PFS | | Categories: Refunds

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In time past, the Internal Revenue Service posted schedules of refund dates.  Anticipated refund dates are now available but NOT GUARANTEED.  There are exceptions to their schedules for some types of returns, including those that reflect an Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit.

Another reason for the lack of a guaranteed schedule may stem back to the Nightmare of the 2018 Tax Season when the IRS computer system crashed.  

Most taxpayers with uncomplicated returns without filing mistakes can expect a refund in about three weeks. . . .with exceptions. 

The processing time is affected by the method you use to file your return and the option you choose to receive your refund.  If you electronically file, the return is processed more quickly than if you mail your return through the postal system.  A note of advice:  if you ever mail something to the IRS, send it certified and keep a copy of what was sent.  

The other main factor impacting the speed of your return is how you choose to receive the money.  If you indicate on your return that you want your money deposited directly into your account, you'll receive it more quickly than if you elect to have the funds mailed to you.